Podcast production amplified on-farm research and soil best practices

To address the need for more in-depth discussions and increased awareness regarding soil health, McCracken created The People of Soil Health podcast in collaboration with the Soil Health Partnership. The podcast was a crucial part of a larger communication plan that aimed to highlight the research done by the Soil Health Partnership, the science underlying soil health, and the useful applications of soil health practices on farms. It provided a forum for in-depth talks with SHP specialists and other industry experts, promoting a better knowledge of the significance of soil health in agriculture.



The People of Soil Health – A Soil Health Partnership podcast

In partnership with Soil Health Partnership, McCracken produced The People of Soil Health, a podcast dedicated to raise awareness around the science of soil health, on-farm soil health practices and the work Soil Health Partnership (SHP) does to conduct on-farm soil health research.


A podcast that empowered

The People of Soil Health aimed to empower Midwestern corn and soybean farmers to adopt soil health practices. By providing in-depth information and practical insights, the podcast helped farmers understand the science behind soil health, build confidence in implementing practices like cover crops and reduced tillage, and ultimately improve their farm’s productivity and sustainability. The podcast also served as a valuable resource for the broader soil health community by sharing the latest research and fostering collaboration towards a healthier agricultural landscape.


The People of Soil Health podcast was published biweekly. It featured one agronomist per episode educating farmers on soil health practices for economic and environmental benefit. 

NCGA concluded the Soil Health Partnership program in May 2021. 

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