The Balance of Using AI Effectively in Ag Marketing Communications

Artificial intelligence is showing up everywhere in the marketing world. Efficiency seems to be the name of the game with AI making tasks like whipping up social media posts or crafting marketing materials a breeze. But what does this mean for marketers in the agriculture sphere?

Let’s circle back to what’s at the heart of the agricultural industry – trust and connection. It’s about the camaraderie of shared experiences, the stories told over the fence, and a handshake after a deal. AI has its perks, but it doesn’t quite capture what it means to be a farmer or rancher. 

Increase Efficiency Rather Than Replace

When we think about AI, we think of it as a tool in our toolshed, not the whole farm. It’s there to help you plant ideas faster but doesn’t replace the human nurturing only you can give them. AI is quick to toss up blog ideas or draft out an email, but it’s got a good bit to learn about the intricacies of agriculture.

We get it, leveraging AI in creating content spells efficiency. But without human vetting, AI-generated content lacks authenticity. And this won’t fly under the radar because your audience will notice. That’s why striking the right balance is key. 

Let McCracken Help

At McCracken, we’re all about blending our agricultural knowledge and expertise with the latest tech to help you succeed. We believe marketing and communications in the agriculture sector require a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by farmers, ranchers, and agribusinesses. We understand that “time is money”, and that AI tools can enhance efficiency, BUT real human strategic thinking remains crucial in a few particular aspects of ag communications.

  • Strategy Development: AI can assist in analyzing data but doesn’t replace a deep understanding of the agriculture industry and the unique problems your business and audience face. We develop strategies that utilize our agriculture expertise and knowledge to ensure credibility and trust. 
  • Marketing Plans: Our team understands the specific wants and needs of farmers and ranchers. This allows us to create marketing plans that resonate personally and drive positive results.
  • Creative Development: AI-generated visuals and messaging can feel unrealistic from agriculture in real life, resulting in campaigns that fall flat and lose audience trust. Our team lives and breathes agriculture every day, providing that missing authenticity. This results in visuals that showcase genuine emotion and messaging that connects on a deeper level.

The Future is Collaboration

This isn’t a choice between AI and agencies. It’s about combining expertise in the agriculture industry with the efficiency of AI tools to improve marketing communications – blending the best of both worlds. 

Want to partner with McCracken to create a communication strategy that’s not only effective but authentic to your agricultural business? Connect with us!

Written by:
Sierra Dyer
Account Manager at McCracken. She turns dreams and ideas into delectable deliverables.
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